Flags of War: Both clans needs to put the flag

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You then can run to secure spot, eat, bud, and turn protect from range. . .run back. . .And Aldrial will range you to get 5 strikes (hots 15's to 25's) and drain your prayer to 0. You can repeat this as many times as you like and OSRS gold attempt to kill her along with your preferred battle of choice. Once Aldrial is dead, you will be hit with a retropution kind spell which no matter how many hitpoints you have will require you to 1 (should you have 1 hitpoint it will not go any farther down).I've attempted to post a suggestion to get a couple improvements to this farming ability in the forum, however, I must be breaking something, as my articles keeps being deleted! I've tried to browse the asterik thread to see if I suggest something that isn't allowed (did anyone mention:"banana republic"), but so far I haven't figured it out myself.

Can anyone here tell me what I offend with this suggestion: Suggestion. After having been farming quite a little I have come up with a few tweaks, which I believe will considerably enhance the farming experience: The compost Bin - Make it possible to realize how many units there's left befor that the Compost Bin is complete (just like the Vegetable Sack or Fruit Basket) Make it so it possible to realize how far the rotting process is now, exemplified a percent or in time [MM.SS]. When making super compost I must place each vegetable and fruit into the bin myself (unlike the weeds), I would like to have the same option with the vegetables and fruit.

It is unlikely that a player would like to eat a fruit or vegetable when standing beside the bin, so the solution could be that if the player stand on one of those squares right next to the compost bin, then the choice to eat the vegetable or fruit should not be the first option. Once left clicking on a patch with weeds in it I would like to have the personality automatically begin to use the rake (when a rake is present in the inventory). Create a description of what's transpiring in a patch rather than:"This really is a [flower/Herb] patch. The soil was treated with compost. The patch has something growing inside. Rather I would love to find this:"This really is a [flower/Herb] patch. The dirt was treated with compost. The patch has [flower/Herb] growing inside.

U may add a few portals in the clan wars one for each mode. Operation Steal: Ur clan have to find some box (for warfare, it could be some"technology") One participant of each clan needed it. With TRADE u can giive the box into another1 of ur clan.The first clan to get the box of his enemy wins

Flags of War: Both clans needs to put the flag and protect it (in every plce of his start zone) If some1 of the other clan get its that receives the flag should make it to the portal site of his clan (its speed can be decreased to make it tougher ) Reach it: I dont like this... but... isnt my idea... Both clans need to fall in some place a thing (again a box I believe ) and the other clan have to find it.

Prisoners of War (My idea) What clan havent challenged again when wins or loses just to have more pleasure. Together with cheap RS gold Prisoners of War one of every clan appears in the other hand with five HP and needs to return to his clan... but it's going to be in a prison with guards The clan have to help his MIA before attacks another clan.

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