Still no topics or OS improvements.

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Same. So a lot of the guide has been spent on Animal Crossing New Horizons Items ports and remakes. And I like ports and remakes on my change, don't get me wrong, but it has been so long without a word on any of these big exclusives. No new mainline Mario, no Metroid, no Bayo 3, no SMT V, no new Zelda. It's a bummer. On the other hand, at least No More Heroes 3 finally got a release date.

And I am quite looking forward to Miitopia now. It resembles a lot of fun and I knew nothing about it before the direct so I am possibly the most excited about it.

The Legend of Mana is also exciting, I wanted to play with that game ages ago but Nintendo has ever been my console, and so I missed out on it.

I am more impressed than I thought I'd be with the Mario items being added into Animal Crossing but I also want to hear a 2.0 for its anniversary.

I'm also very happy about skyward sword. It was my favorite Zelda game and that I never finished it due to the motion controls. I'm not completely thrilled that I still can't just press a button but at least now I'll have the ability to complete the story, I hope. I wish they simply made the mechanic completely optional, it ruined the game for me the first time.

I had been expecting for being able to buy the games a la carte but I'm disappointed to see that they're only sold in packages, which means that you'll be paying for games which you're not interested in. And naturally, all the games I want are in various bundles. Weaksauce.

So much salt from everyone, I am eager with this release. Mainly Mario Golf and Skyward sword. MG for your nostalgia I'd for playing this with my dad and brother, and SS since I didn't have the opportunity to play that match.

Thought it was very unsatisfactory. Rumoured Zelda collection get skyward sword.

No vents of rumoured franchises such as tomb raider, House of the deceased, GTA, Arkham.

No More Heroes august release, roughly a year late by this stage. Also does not look great in trailers appears to get picked up some gameplay elements by the dreadful Travis strikes again.

If Square Enix are going to remake or port everything start with Final Fantasy 1-6 or Chrono Trigger/Cross.

Still no topics or OS improvements. No developments to online offering.

I can try the Octopath tactics demo and may pick up Skyward sword but not at more than half its release cost.

All they needed to do was reveal N64 games on Switch Online, and that I would have forgiven them for a great deal.

What the fuck is wrong with Nintendo? They milked the hell out of the back catalogue the past two generations, but NOW is if they decide to become stingy with it? As soon as we have a system we can play on the Cheap Animal Crossing Items move, and are in the midst of a pandemic which has decreased their output of new games?

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