Utilize runes for Falador teleport and go to the park

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Start your run in Port Phasmatys in OSRS gold which you can get via Ectophile. Run to the west where you will find your very first herb patch. After you're finished teleport into Ardougne and harvest your herbs . Next one will probably be Falador and quickest method of getting there involves using Explorer's Ring. Following this one goes into the Harmony Island via home teleporting tabletcomputer, Catherby, Draynor Village and Troll Stronghold. It is also worth noting that while wielding Magic Secateurs players have significantly improved the chance of getting erections. A minimal amount is going to be 6 but you will be quite likely to acquire more than that.

The very efficient farming route which you can take is best one to train your farming every day. It doesn't require an excessive amount of time and will force you to gain steady experience every day. Your run starts at Varrock palace where you will find you first tree patch. Take the Spirit Tree teleport or use Slayer Ring to get to Tree Gnome Stronghold where you will find two spots - for routine trees and for fruits. Teleport yourself via Spirit tree into Tree Gnome Village (fruit tree) - Follow Elkoy to progress through maze and journey little bit into the west

Utilize runes for Falador teleport and go to the park to discover a tree patch. Tele back to Lumbridge and proceed behind castle for a tree patch. Tele into Brimhaven or have a boat from Ardougne to find fruit patch near docks. Grapple through the mountain or teleport to Taverley for a different tree patch. Use crystal to teleport yourself to Lletya for final fruit tree patch

In addition to regular leveling methods, players can take part in Tithe Farm which requires 100% Favor in Hosidius House as well as level 34+ Farming (although 74+ would be much better). Also in the event that you would like to make the most of your exp income it is wonderful to have Humidify charm unlocked and buy RS gold full Graceful Outfit equipped. Tithe farm can be quite profitable giving over 100k exp/hour in addition to a opportunity to acquire farmer outfit.

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